General Information

Company Name: ECBB Makers. USA, LLC
Contact Person: AJ Kasai
Address: 2040 S. Alma School Rd. STE#1-216 Chandler, AZ 85286 USA
Tel: 480-389-6605

ECBB Makers. USA, LLC, was established in 2016 as an USA branch of ECBB Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


Make! for “Better Things” with Respect.
We value “design” and hope to make a “product,” not a “commodity.”
Such a thing will enrich our life.
Such a thing will color our life.
Our goal is to create 100 products.


ECBB was founded by Yasuhiro Matsuura, CEO, in 1999 to provide engineering and IT consulting services.
ECBB was branch out into Hong Kong in 2011 and started explorations for a new possibility to manufacture a product in Shenzhen, China, in 2012. Since then, ECBB had accumulated experiences and know-hows of making “things”.
In 2015, ECBB started its makers business department “ECBB MAKERS.” and released the first original product “Palmo,” iPhone case for easy one hand control. Palmo won the GOOD DESIGN AWARDS 2015 in Japan and the Red Dot Design Award 2017 in Germany.
In 2017, ECBB entered into the USA market with ECBB Makers. USA, LLC.